A little bit about me...

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Hello, My name is Morgan Molidor! I hope we can get to know each other :)

Combining years of research and experimentation into nutrition, genetics, and fitness with a formal education in Human Biology, I apply a science-based approach when working with clients. During my Masters program in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, I became passionate about the underlying causes of mental health and how nutritional deficiencies can manifest in emotional disorders. I believe in practical nutrition and lifestyle advice rooted in real science; advice that is simple and can be maintained!

  • Education & Credentials:

    • Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, University of Western States

    • Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, University of Texas at Austin

    • Member of American College of Nutrition

My Story

Before I recognized the importance of nutrition and began my "health journey", I was preparing for medical school and working as a science tutor with a second job at a law firm. My work-life balance was nonexistent. The stress and overwhelm from work leaked into my relationships and poisoned my health. Because of my busy schedule, I didn't give a second thought to the food I ate. Microwaveable food, pizza, ice-cream, and coffee were my go-to meals. 

Over time, my lack of nutrient-dense food and poor exercise habits added up.  I experienced continuous stomach aches, insomnia, feelings of anxiety every morning, and constant fatigue. In hindsight, all these symptoms were simply my body's way of asking for help and self-care. But I continued my route of self-destruction and eventually, I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and prescribed medication. Anxiety and depression medication may provide stability and help regain health for some, but in my case, I wish I had attempted the pill-free solutions first. 

The side-effects from my medications were extremely unpleasant and made me feel numb. I intuitively knew there was another solution for me. To get out of my funk, I began boxing at a female-only boxing gym with a goal to fight in the Golden Gloves. Boy, I was so far removed from being in shape and living a healthy lifestyle! With daily exercise and encouragement to clean up my diet, I felt amazing. I eliminated my ice-cream habit and started cooking homemade meals with plenty of vegetables. Meanwhile, I slowly incorporated meditation into my morning routine. These shifts in my life were game-changers.

When I wasn't accepted into medical school, I didn’t freak out. I noticed my day-to-day levels of anxiety had completely diminished along with the fatigue. My life was full of activity and I enjoyed creating healthy meals for myself. 

The body is sophisticated and complex with multiple components contributing to health: sleep, sunlight, positive relationships, exercise, water, and diet. But, I am here to tell you that nutrition REALLY helped me. Eating vibrant fruit and vegetables, healthy fats, and clean sources of protein made me feel like ME again. With knowledge from this experience, I hope to empower you and teach you that food is medicine!

Why simple.human.bean?


As a little girl, I spent many summers in Texas visiting my grandmother, Betty. Thinking I could get away with misbehavior, I stirred up a lot of trouble; picking on my little sister was my favorite pastime. Yet, nothing got past Betty.  She would sternly (but kindly) remind me in her southern drawl, "Hey, now; you betta be a decent human be-in!"

I learned many things from Betty throughout my life but one of the greatest lessons was that being a decent human in the world requires being kind to myself first. This self-compassion comes in many forms, mostly through feeding my body with real food & feeding my soul with activities I love.