Quality nutrition begets a quality state-of-mind. A quality state-of-mind is the foundation for leading an authentic and joyful life. 



  • Knowledge of specific food ingredients that impact health and mental wellbeing
  • How to make healthy eating a sustainable practice
  • The power of accountability: I work closely with each individual and their specific preferences to help them make the transition into healthy eating easy
  • Tools to implementing healthy eating habits including recipes, tailored diets, research supporting my nutritional suggestions
  • Understanding the role food can play in thoughts, emotions, and overall brain health
  • Empowerment & Confidence in Yourself--gained by knowing you can overcome obstacles & aware of the needs of your body


MY Philosophy

My intention is to support and educate clients through nutritional changes in efforts to directly impact their thoughts, feelings, and mood. By using food as a nourishing tool yielding health, rather than something that self-inflicts inflammatory harm, I believe many mood disorders can see true improvement. Just as medicine and chemicals catalyze reactions in the body, so do the individual nutrients and compounds in food (except in a natural way)!  I educate others on the mood-changing nutrients in food and how simply decreasing sugar can alleviate stress on the body. Mental health is undervalued and overlooked in our country. The stigma around the subject calls for serious change. Yet, mental health is simply a part of physical health. The mind is not separate from the body. And we must treat the mind as another organ that is whole with the body. Sanity, derived from the latin word sanus and French sain, holds the meaning "wholesome, healthy, sound". Being in touch with our own sanity, requires us to take a comprehensive look at the entire health of the body.  Nutrition can complement psychiatry, psychotherapy, or be the first step towards improved health, but it must be approached with a systems biology comprehensive approach. 

Health is the ultimate gift and nutrition is a key component in achieving it. 

The six best doctors: sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise, and diet.”
— Wayne Fields