This is going to sound crazy, but working with Morgan literally saved my life. I had horrible eating and wellness habits. I grew up in a household where fast food and soda were the norm, and those habits carried into adulthood, too. I began working with Morgan after a personal setback that showed me how much my health was in jeopardy. 

In 6 short weeks, Morgan worked on nearly every aspect of my wellness habits: food, meditation, exercise, sleep… the list goes on. Her approach was incredibly supportive and compassionate, which made it much easier to make big changes. 

The best part of working with Morgan is her empathy. She knows that changing your lifestyle can be challenging, and never makes you feel judged or scrutinized. 

My life is better after working with Morgan. Her passion for nutrition and healthy living really shines through to her clients. I highly recommend working with Morgan to change your lifestyle and start putting yourself first.
— Mackie S., Eugene, Oregon
I cannot say enough good things about Morgan. She took someone who refused to cook, hated vegetables, and only liked to eat take-out, to a cook who mainly eats vegetables and enjoys them now, and rarely eats take-out. I have always enjoyed studying nutrition, but I learned so much from Morgan! I lost nearly 20lbs under her tutelage and feel certain that if I hadn’t cheated (which I did, every week!), I would have lost at least another 10lbs. If you want to feel really, really good, learn to eat and live healthy, you MUST work with Morgan. She also gave me some insights in my running that really helped me out. I will be running a half-marathon in December and thanks to her, I don’t ever get even remotely sore after training!
— Teresa A., Waco, Texas
Working with Morgan is the best of both worlds; practical, accessible, science based information... combined with kind and compassionate support. I felt safe and comfortable to share my struggles, and excited to share my successes. Her enthusiasm is genuine, and her passion to help people make real changes in their lives is evident. Morgan is fiercely dedicated to her clients. She empowered me to realize my own potential for real life transformation.
— Allie M., Austin, Texas
When I first started working with Morgan I was worried that I would fail. Living with anxiety and self-doubt can be devastating in starting anything due to fear of failure. Thankfully her positive encouragement helped me through the process. The easy to follow meal plans and weekly emails kept me on track and anytime I had a question I got a well-thought-out, research based answer. I also appreciated her focus on being kind to oneself as I needed that especially. I recommend this program to anyone looking for a comprehensively individualized yet loving approach to your overall health goals.
—  Stacey H., Austin, Texas
Even though Morgan’s ‘Mental Health Reset’ class only met 6 times over the course of 6 weeks, I learned and took away so much. Understanding how mental health and nutrition are correlated really helped me make better dietary decisions. Each week we were given different challenges that helped us on our journey to better health. After noticing the changes that I’ve made throughout these 6 weeks, I will not look back! Thank you Morgan!!!
— Tess F., Austin, Texas
The ‘Basics of the Anti-Inflammatory Diet’ class was excellent in that it brought together helpful and practical ways to reduce inflammation on a daily basis. From start to finish, it gave perspective on the importance of reducing inflammation. There was a good supply of valuable background information.
— Vivian P., Austin, Texas